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33 ESHO Annual Congress 2019 - Warsaw

The 33rd Annual Congress of ESHO took place in Warsaw, on May 22-24th  2019.

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As usually, ESHO hosted leading world class specialist in the scientific study and use of hyperthermia in medicine. The topics covered the following areas:

• Biological Modifiers of Thermal Response
• Capacitive Hyperthermia
• Protons plus Hyperthermia
• Chemoradiosensitization
• High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
• Hyperthermia Treatment Planning
• Immune Effects of Hyperthermia
• Improved Temperature Monitoring
• Interdisciplinary Treatment of Abdominal Tumors
• Liposome Delivery Systems
• Magnetic Nanoparticle Heating
• Methods for Improved Hyperthermia Delivery
• MR Based Hyperthermia
• Physiological Effects of Hyperthermia
• Results of Recent Clinical Trials
• SBRT, Brachytherapy & Hyperthermia
• Thermal Ablation
• Whole Body Hyperthermia

The records of almost all the lectures are available on the Youtube channel of PTHO, in the playlist ESHO 2019