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Publikacje naukowe

Hipertermia: Silne Wsparcie Radioterapii

tytuł oryg.: Hyperthermia: a Potent Enhancer of Radiotherapy
Wydawnictwo: Clinical Oncology
Autorzy: M. R. Horsman, J. Overgaard 
Data: 2007-03-27

DOI: 10.1016/j.clon.2007.03.015

Język publikacji: Angielski

Klasa publikacji: Artykuł przeglądowy

Abstract: Hyperthermia is generally regarded as an experimental treatment with no realistic future in clinical cancer therapy. This is totally wrong. Although the role of hyperthermia alone as a cancer treatment may be limited, there is extensive pre- clinical data showing that in combination with radiation it is one of the most effective radiation sensitisers known. Moreover, there are a number of large randomised clinical trials in a variety of tumour types that clearly show the potential of hyperthermia to significantly improve both local tumour control and survival after radiation therapy, without a significant increase in side-effects. Here we review the pre-clinical rationale for combining hyperthermia with radiation, and summarise the clinical data showing its efficacy.

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