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Hyperthermia with Radiotherapy
It aims to increase the efficiency of irradiation by sensitizing the tumor tissue by temperature. In practice, there are two modes of hyperthermia in combination with RT:

1. HT max. 30 minutes before RT
Temperatures are moderate, heating time is about 30 minutes. The task of HT is to increase the supply of oxygen to the tumor area. The more oxygen, the more effective the destructive effect of ionizing radiation.

2. HT max. 2 hours after RT
High temperature (about 43ºC), heating time 60 min. Hyperthermia thus hinders the reconstruction of DNA in irradiated cancer cells.

Section under construction. It will include information on the use of hyperthermia in combination with radiotherapy. For the moment we invite you to the section PTHO Library.

The effects of hyperthermia as a sensitiser for ionizing radiation can be found in the book "Interstitial and Intracavitary Thermoradiotherapy". The book is available for rent under the terms of the "Library".