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Hyperthermia as an immunotherapy strategy for cancer

Publishing house: Current Opinion in Investigational Drugs
Main author: Elizabeth A. Repasky
Other authors: Joseph J. Skitkzi,  Sharon S. Evans
Date: 2009-10-01

ISSN: 2040-3429

Language: english

Publication class: Review article

Abstract. The use of hyperthermia as an adjunct to cancer immunotherapy is supported by an increasing number of research data. Both preclinical and clinical data results have demonstrated antitumor immune responses with the addition of mild hyperthermia. The molecular mechanisms responsible for the improved reactivity observed in the presence of hyperthermia include the generation of Hsps, the activations of antigen-presenting cells and charges in lymphocyte trafficking. Understanding these hyperthermia-induced processes can serve as the foundation for analyzing current clinical trials, as well as designing future trials in cancer immunotherapy.

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