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Arthur Schopenhauer

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Różne mechanizmy odpornościowe mogą przyczyniać się do zwiększenia przeżywalności u pacjentów otrzymujacych hipertermię

tytuł oryg.: Diverse immune mechanisms may contribute to the survival benefit seen in cancer patients receiving hyperthermia.
Wydawnictwo: Immunologic Research
Autor główny: Elizabeth A. Repasky
Pozostali autorzy: Adrienne J. Peer, Melissa J. Grimm, Evan R. Zynda
Data: 2009-09

DOI: 10.1007/sI2026-009-8115-8

Język publikacji: Angielski

Klasa publikacji: Artykuł przeglądowy

Abstract: There is increasing documentation of significant survival benefits achieved in cancer patients treated with hyperthermia in combination with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Most evidence collected regarding the mechanisms by which hyperthermia positively influences tumor control has centred on in vitro data showing the ability of heat shock temperatures (usually above 42°C) to result in radio- or chemosensitization. However, these high temperatures are difficult to achieve in vivo, and new thermometry data in patients reveal that much of the tumor and surrounding region is only heated to 40-41°C or less as a result of vascular drainage from the target zone of the heated tumor. Thus, there is now a growing appreciation of a role for mild hyperthermia in the stimulation of various arms of the immune system in contributing to long term protection from tumor growth. Indeed, a review of recent literature suggests the existence of an array of thermally sensitive functions which may exist naturally to help the organism to establish a new "set point" of immune responsiveness during fever. This review summarizes recent literature identifying complex effects of temperature on immune cells and potential cellular mechanisms by which increased temperature may enhance immune surveillance.

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